Weddings and events

The ballroom of the BOHEMA Residence is a beautiful and atmospheric place for any occasion. A large area, beautiful 8-meter high windows, through which you can see the spa park and the mass of daylight shining through them, will make each event organized here unique.

We offer various configurations of tables, both round and rectangular, for 150 people.

The Chef will prepare even the most sophisticated menu, both dry and confectionery, according to your taste, food preferences and your fantasies.


It is a beautiful, unique interior that will always be remembered by your guests. Its historical character and unique atmosphere will make both the intimate party and the grand wedding reception a timeless event.

With a little imagination, you can still hear the sounds of old concerts and balls.

Duchess Daisy Hochberg von Pless, Henryk Wieniawski violin virtuoso and many other distinguished guests have hosted here. The hall is decorated with a unique huge antique crystal chandelier. Here history meets modernity. The undoubted advantage of this place is the possibility of direct exit through the terrace to the spa park.

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According to the Young Couple

Patrycja and Maciej
18 June 2022 r.

We organized a wedding at Rezydencja Bohema and I cannot imagine a better place for such a ceremony! Beautiful place, very nice staff, great food. We highly recommend it! 馃檪聽

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Milena and Marcin
2 June 2022 r.聽

Our wonderful wedding at Rezydencja Bohema
We wholeheartedly recommend the organization of a wedding at Rezydencja Bohema. Cooperation with the restaurant was flawless from the initial arrangements to the end of our two-day event. From the very beginning – drawing up the wedding offer and contract, Ms. Ewelina, Bohema’s manager, was professional, helpful, flexible and always available to answer all questions and advise, by phone, email or at a previously arranged meeting. There was no problem with making minor changes to the standard contract at our request. The contract was clear and the agreed amount was not increased by additional, ‘hidden’ costs (cork, drink and serving fee, cake, napkins, tablecloths, candlesticks, or even garbage collection, which was the case with many others premises).
The final arrangements were also great, the possibilities were endless – we could choose a large number of cold snacks and salads (we did not have to limit ourselves to 3-4 types, we could freely combine them), we had the option of delivering our own alcohol (no extra charge for cooling it and serving it). ), we were able to deliver home-made desserts and liqueurs on our own responsibility, there was no problem with setting up a vegan or vegetarian menu, or even a special menu for children. We also had many hot options to choose from for the after-party. The wedding cake (which we got from Bohema for free) and cakes were prepared and served by the restaurant, so we didn’t have to involve a pastry shop. The service on the wedding day was fantastic – meals were served according to a set schedule, and when at the end his points began to shift, or something unexpected happened, or everyone was having fun on the dance floor, the staff asked if they should give another planned meal, there was no problem postpone it in time. The waiters fulfilled the wishes of the guests, they were nice, smiling and worked very efficiently. The food itself was delicious and beautifully presented – the company runs several restaurants and patisseries that are famous for their great cuisine and the standard at the wedding was definitely maintained. We received a lot of praise from vegetarians and vegans, for whom the dishes were sophisticated and plentiful, which is not often the case in restaurants. When the beer we delivered ran out, during the after-party guests had the opportunity to order draft beer (Carlsberg and several types of Grimbergen), which was well chilled and elegantly served.
In Rezydencja Bohema, the dance hall is adjacent to the banquet hall and open to it. Thanks to this, most of the guests sitting at the tables can see the dance floor, have the opportunity to talk and hear each other when it is loud in the dance part. We were free to choose the arrangement of the tables in the banquet hall. Depending on the number of guests, a banquet arrangement (round tables) is possible, or a classic horseshoe or the letter L. We decided on a horseshoe with two additional rows in the middle and the arrangement worked well, there were no problems with communication. The dance hall is darker than the banquet hall, it has a lounge atmosphere. The acoustics of both rooms were flawless, despite their soaring. The party lasted much longer than we initially agreed and there was no problem with it. Mrs. Ewelina supervised the event until late after midnight, she provided advice and assistance when necessary. I would like to add that the night before and after the wedding, we slept in the marriage suite and we prepared for the ceremony in it. The other rooms above the hall were also occupied by our wedding guests. We enjoyed the accommodations and hotel service that provided us with coffee, croissants, lunch and water while we were getting ready for the wedding.
The Bohema Residence definitely exceeded our expectations in terms of wedding organization. We had a party there even more beautiful than we dreamed of, and the guests were enchanted not only by the service and food, but also the picturesquely situated, classicist facility with a wonderful and tastefully decorated interior.

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Katarzyna and Andrzej
30 July 2022 r.

Everything was delicious. The guests are delighted. Nice service. Thanks to the work and heart put into the preparation of our ceremony by the Bohema Residence, it was the most beautiful day in our life, despite the unfavorable weather. Thank you!

Patrycja and Rafa艂
3 September2022 r.
I heartily recommend the Bohema Residence to organize wedding events! Thanks to the involvement of the room, we were able to organize a wedding party in less than a month and a half, and the effect exceeded our expectations. Also full of admiration and thanks on our part for organizational skills.
First of all, the room itself is very phenomenal and impressive even without additional decorations (there is no need to order a whole range of decorations).
Secondly, the food was very tasty and in absolutely sufficient quantity – several types of dishes that we freely chose from the extensive menu (the room offers the possibility of combining and mixing dishes), including a wedding cake – the Residence offers it for the price and is able to make anything possible. We chose the two-story chocolate raspberry layered with it and it was simply delicious!
Thirdly, the staff of the room was very professional, fully lived up to the task, efficiently serving all guests, delivering dishes or collecting empty plates, glasses, etc.
Fourthly, the cooperation with the room (thanks to the manager and owners!) Was smooth at every stage, without any communication problems (which we were very sensitive to, unfortunately this is how it was in the place where we were originally supposed to have a wedding). This allowed us to arrange all the details well in advance and without stress.
Fifthly, it is impossible to find any disadvantages of the rooms offered by the Residence, including the apartment for the bride and groom – all the guests staying there were satisfied. The rooms are maintained to a high standard and also have air conditioning.
And sixthly, perhaps the most important – there are no additional fees, such as a fee for collecting bartenders’ glasses, for cooling and serving drinks, etc. All prices are given at the very beginning, also basically at the stage of concluding the contract, you can estimate the approximate cost of the wedding.
To sum up, we are more than satisfied with our wedding – everything went without any problems, we basically have no comments to the organization and we can recommend the Bohema Residence to every young couple with full responsibility.馃檪